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This 15 to 25-minute podcast reflects our innovative work as the world’s largest independent broker. On it, we start a dialogue with our leaders and experts to make complex ideas approachable. Our goal is to educate through storytelling, providing a personal perspective that makes our innovations less abstract. Come explore with Christopher Laubenthal, MPA, Data and Visualization Consultant, as he meets with Lockton’s best and brightest to talk about their work, their world, and how it all fits together.

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Aug 10, 2021

A company's reputation is more easily impacted than ever before. A single tweet can drive a stock price or plummet public support. Understanding these mercurial reputational risks is key to thriving in our nonstop world. Our guest is Matt Humphries, the head of crisis management for Lockton UK. Matt has decades' worth of experience in the product recall market and is doing cutting-edge work in the world of reputational risk.