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This 15 to 25-minute podcast reflects our innovative work as the world’s largest independent broker. On it, we start a dialogue with our leaders and experts to make complex ideas approachable. Our goal is to educate through storytelling, providing a personal perspective that makes our innovations less abstract. Come explore with Christopher Laubenthal, MPA, Data and Visualization Consultant, as he meets with Lockton’s best and brightest to talk about their work, their world, and how it all fits together.

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Feb 23, 2021

Access to vaccines is increasing quickly thanks to the hard work of many across the globe. As we vaccinate through groups like first responders, employers should begin to consider their role in this process. What is the right strategy for their on-site workforce and how will it impact their work site? Paula Day,...

Feb 9, 2021

Whether it's your family's favorite dessert, the historical significance of sharing a meal, or even its impact on the idioms we use; there is something special about food and beverage. Yet, we do not frequently think of the ecosystem that makes these things possible. Today’s guest, Matt Klein, Lockton’s Food and...

Jan 26, 2021

In this episode, Amit Mantrow, Lockton’s Chief Data and Analytics Officer describes the key to success in the modern workplace—applied data. He shares how companies use information to drive wisdom at all levels and why it's so important for innovation.

Jan 12, 2021

History is full of moments when people innovated their way out of the unknown. In the face of the unthinkable during 2020, we adapted our lives and livelihood, but like any other massive change this response introduced different risks than before. Mark Moitoso, EVP-Risk Practices, walks us through some of the larger...